The Moons of 2016

The Moons of 2016

It is the Quiet Moon, a time for contemplation, resolution and reassessment. The long cold nights of January offer a time for self reflection, to review your goals and develop your inner self. This is a time to set and build your protections, fortify your personal boundaries, take practical steps to protect your home and family and let go of those things which no longer serve you.
Jaine lives in a magical world of witch, of untravelled paths through winter woodlands, of the secrets that lay underneath the moon as she sets. She whispers them into the night, so that other sisters may hear, and join the growing coven of wise, conspiring women who know the time is now, and that our souls are fearless. She is an artist and a recorder of life’s strangeness and a co-founder of the Earth Pathways Diary.

It is the Quickening moon and deep beneath the earth life is stirring and beginning its journey towards spring. This is the time to consider what small changes you can make, what small seeds you can plant that will grow and make a difference to your life in the long term. Harvest the energy that is stirring in the earth and use it to set something new in motion. Seek guidance, ask for help and take responsibility for your life, both past and future.
Ros Simons is a teacher, artisan and holistic therapist living and working in Exmoor National Park. Ros spends her time connecting people to nature and back to themselves through workshops, drum birthing days and longer journeys working with the nature spirits and wild lands of the park where she lives. She also makes ceremonial and shamanic tools and drums for Healing, Journeying and Ceremonial use.

It is the Seed Moon and the earth is beginning to warm, the worms awaken, the sap rises and the crows caw to signal the end of winter. A time to clear away clutter, old growth and negativity to make room for the new. As the potential of the seed is in the ground, so it is in you. Make the most of the time of inspiration and abundance and grow your way to your hearts desire.
Mezzie works now as RavenCrone, sitting comfortably in her skin as a Grandmother, Mother, Lover, Drummer, Singer, Woman of Herbs and passionate Eco Warrior . A walker of edges, a dancer of boundaries, she is pulled to Moor, Moon and Ocean. To Hollow, Hallow Ways and paths less travelled .


It is the Growing Moon and the signs of spring are abundant, the land is full of fertility and exuberance. This is a time to have faith in the future and be in anticipation of great abundance. Set new things in motion, make new commitments. Find the courage and trust to take steps on a new path. Create the life you seek in the bright beauty of spring.
Gillian Nicol is an artist, mother and healer. She enjoys pottering in the garden and growing herbs, exploring creativity and drawing as a means of tuning into energies and intentions.


It is the Merry moon and nature is in full bloom, joyful fertility and abundance is everywhere. The earth is celebrating its aliveness, as we should celebrate ours. This is a time for romance, joy and fun. To celebrate our partners, family and friends. Reaffirm your desires, look for the growth within and make sure you have some fun!
Molly has been “gathering the women” to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She plans and facilitates women’s circles, seasonal retreats and rituals, mother-daughter circles, family ceremonies, and red tent circles in rural Missouri. She is an ordained priestess who holds MSW and M.Div degrees. Molly and her husband Mark co-create original birth art, goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, and pendants at Brigid’s Grove.

It is the Mead moon and the time of lazy, summer energy. A time for dreams and inner visions, to explore the deepest parts of ourselves. A time to wander and drift and connect with our inner voice. If you can rouse yourself it is a great time for organisation and cleansing, a time to evaluate the six months just passed and the six months to come. A time to seek balance beetween your spiritual and physical ideas and plans. A time to dream and a time to create.
Jackie Stewart is officially a flower and crystal essence practitioner who has been holding sacred space in one-to-one flower essence sessions, workshops and meditation classes for the past 17 years. But really she’s a Soul Alchemist and explorer of the inner realms. Jackie works from her home in the wild woods of Hebden Bridge, UK.

It is the Blessing Moon and the earth is in full growth and abundance. The male deer are regrowing their antlers and resting in the summer warmth after the great rut. This is your time to relax and recharge, to rest and find your centre. Meditate, take long walks, make love, explore your inner world. What will you do when your goals are met? What would you be capable of if your cup was overflowing?
Lucy H. Pearce is the author of numerous life-changing non-fiction books for women, including The Rainbow Way: cultivating creativity in the midst of motherhood and Moon Time and Burning Woman 

It is the Corn Moon, the grain is ripening, the harvest season is beginning. It is time to start the gentle turn of preparation for the winter. This is a time to acknowledge the balance between hope and fear. Some things have been harvested and some are still growing, still uncertain, still waiting. What steps can you take to ensure success, whilst trusting that the Divine will meet you halfway if you do the work?
Louise is a Women’s Health and Spirituality Practitioner and Teacher. She works with women individually for healing and mentoring, teaches Wise Woman classes and holds circles in Sudbury, Canada. She has a strong passion for empowering women and marries ancient and modern philosophies from cultures across the world, and draws upon the support and mentorship from an international network of wise women.

It is the Harvest Moon, fruits and vegetables are coming from the trees and the ground ready to provide deep nourishment in winter. The leaves are changing, turning and the darker evenings are beginning. It is time to settle into a slower rhythm after the adventures of summer. A time to give thanks and enjoy the abundance of our lives whilst we prepare for winter. A time to centre in our home and family.
Sam is an artist, witch, writer and mum. She creates unique hand crafted meditation mala beads, pewter artwork and fabric crafts. She has been running retreats and workshops dedicated to her patron Goddess, Elen of the Trackways for many years. In 2017 she is following her heart to live in the Highlands of Scotland.

It is the Hunter’s Moon, the leaves are falling and the fields are empty, the view of the land is clear for the hunters. It is time to honour that which has passed. To honour the plants and animals that have given life to sustain, to honour the ancestors who brought us into being and shaped our world. This is a time of remembrance an offering. What will you seek in the dream time?
Lianne is a Shamanic practitioner and healer, and a mother. She hosts women’s circles, expressive dance sessions and the occasional workshop. She explores and works intuitively in the North East of the UK.


It is the Dark Moon and the trees lie dormant and naked now, the birds have flown south and the frosts begin to mark the morning ground. This is the time of our final winter preparations, to curl up and relax. Surround yourself with those things that will comfort and sustain you during the cold, dark months to come. This is a time to dispel negative thoughts and vibrations. Look back at your goals, what has come to pass? Let go of the past and be ready to move towards the future.
Rima Hussein has been travelling with Mother Moon in her calling of hearthkeeper, healer and priestess and seeing where She takes her. She lives and works in the North East of the UK.


It is the Long Night Moon and the world is restoring itself in the cold and dark. It is time to find the strength and steadfastness you need to get through the winter months. See the long view of your life path, celebrate your successes and create new goals for the new year to come. Slow to a steady pace that you can sustain until the light returns to show you the way.
Rebecca Wright is a mother, doula, healer, and teacher based in the Northeast of England. Her focus is on weaving of healing through story and song. She uses Mizan Therapy, Mu Tu Pro and Shamanic healing to help women find their way back to wholeness.

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