We were all MoonWise women once…

we are rising once more…

What do you feel in your bones when the moon is full….?

We were all MoonWise women once. There was a time when we lived by her darkness and light. We knew when to plant our gardens and when to harvest our herbs. We knew when we would bleed and when our babies would be born. We danced when she was high and bright and we told our stories in her darkness. Mothers taught their daughters and their daughters daughter’s and on and on in the life cycles and circles of women.

When the burning times came our knowledge was hidden, whispered quietly where they could not hear us, hidden in our stories and folk tales. It is within us all, when the moon is bright in the sky we can feel the stirring in our bodies. As she pulls the tides, so she pulls at our blood, tugs at our ancestral memory.

We were all MoonWise women once… and we are rising once more…

The MoonWise Woman online circle was a journey for women who wished to re-ignite or strengthen their connection with the moon and her wisdom. For those women who wanted to remember their heritage and herstory. To begin or deepen their connection with the Divine Feminine, with the land and also with each other. We journeyed from full moon to full moon through 2016, learning and exploring together. You can purchase a bundle containing all of the materials we worked with across the year, see below for details.

MoonWise Woman is the creation of Awen, the Wild Magpie Priestess. Awen is a priestess and healer, daughter of the moon, guardian of the land and keeper of the flame.

Awen is based in the West Midlands, UK where she holds women’s circles and ceremonies. More information about her work can be found at her main site www.awenclement.com



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